Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fwd: Elder Wilson y Elder Fabian

well...looks like you all got lucky today...i wasnt going to send any pictures home but hermana markham sent us one of the zone conference we had last enjoy! this week was really good! we had a good zone conference with the zones in the capital! had a good lunch and learned some new stuff! then we had stake conference in the new linda vista stake that was made about 6 months ago! first one ever! had a session on saturday night, and then 3 on sunday because they did a special session for the recent converts! all in all it was a solid conference, and the best part was that president and sister markham came and worked with us on sunday afternoon, and we were able to seal the deal with a few of our investigators, so we should have 3 baptisms this weekend which will be really cool! pray for us! on saturday we are going to the temple with all of the recent converts in the stake to do baptisms for the dead, which should be a really cool experience! then sunday at church, monday p day again, tuesday change day, and wednesday on the plane! holy cow! the best part is that i found a solid scripture this morning that got me pumped up! Ether 10:19, just the very last line! go ahead and read it and i think you will understand me! 2 years go by fast when you are having fun in the work of the Lord! thank you everyone for all of the support and love you have given me! i love all of you and cant wait to see you! i dont think i will write again, so lets just plan on talking in person next week! Thanks for everything!
Elder Slaymaker

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Zacks Homecoming Information! ITS ALMOST THAT TIME!!!

Zack arrives home September 14th @7:25 PM in Salt Lake City.   We would love to have as many as can make it at the airport! Also if you can make it to the airport please bring a welcome home poster.
His homecoming will be September 18 @9:00AM at our church in Salem.  The address is 25 West Apple Blossom Way Salem, UT.   After his homecoming we are having a luncheon at Cory and Heathers house.   We would love to see everyone there and I know Zack would love to see you all. 

Welcome to september..

well....not a whole lot to say! been another good week with lots of miracles! love the work of the Lord! excited to come home but at the same time i know im going to miss it alot! we had a cool meeting with the stake presidency and president and sister markham this last week, and the stake president said something that was really cool. they were pretty much just talking about how we need to work hard and enjoy the mission and everything, and he said something like this..enjoy the spirit that you feel on the mission, and the frequency of when you feel it, because when it all ends that is what you will miss the most. caught my attention becuase i know that im going to miss guate so much, even though i am so excited to do lots of things when i get back! but i still got 2 weeks to work, so lets go to it! love you all and see you very soon! que Dios les bendiga!
Elder slaymaker

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just another week...

well....not a whole lot to write about this week. just a normal week in the mission field as always! yesterday it rained pretty good and we got a little wet, but its a blessing from the Lord. i honestly dont know what to say at this point other than i love the mission and cant believe it actually comes to an end! hope you are all alive and doing well and enjoying school as it starts this week! the good thing about starting school is that football starts with it! along with homework and everything else, but its all part of the game! hope you all know that i love you, the Lord loves you, and he wants us to succeed. en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen. 

Elder Slaymaker

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

23 down, 1 to go...

dudes.....yesterday was so fun. of the whole week we had, im pretty sure yesterday was the best part. so first guatemala....there are a lot of volcanoes......YEAH!!!!! and we went and climbed one!! so dang fun! its called the san vicente pacaya volcano and it was so sweet! we climbed up, had some tour guide dude telling us a whole bunch, and it was just so fun! we got to this part where there is like lava 50 meters under you, and all the way to the surface you can feel the hot air, and we roasted marshmallows on sticks and had a good old time! we went up pretty high and got to see pretty much all of guatemala which was way cool! but i think the best part was coming down. there is pretty much this trail...all the way down...that is just straight up sand. its like sand mountain at lake powell. and whats the easiest way down? run and jump!!! you just take off running straight downhill and jump and land in sand, if you fall you just roll and keep on going, and it was sooooooo sweet!!! of all the p days i have had....probably one of the best ones yet! other than that, just a normal week in the work! we have a really cool family we are teaching that should be getting baptized on the 28th if everything goes well! love you all and welcome back to school! que dios les bendiga!!
Elder Slaymaker

Friday, August 12, 2016

chucha PIG

so this is the pig that we sacrificed last week. ha! no we went to help some converts with some service, and what they do is kill a pig every other week and then sell the meat...but its not like your average butcher...its more like you gotta grab the son of a gun, tie it up, lift it on the table and then have someone put a knife through its throat and let it slowly bleed out so that all the meat is good and they can sell it! and they just do it right there in the front yard like its nothing. why not?! fun experience of the week!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last week in Julyyy....

Well, hello end of july, welcome to august, school, and a whole bunch of good stuff! cant believe its the end of july now! time a flys when you are having fun! this past week was good, we saw some miracles as always, and we have a few people who are getting ready to get baptized so hopefully everything goes well in the next couple of weeks! i just hope i stay here because next week we have changes! guess we will see what happens! when was the last time you went and visited a less active member? or are you the less active member? get yourself to church dangit! this week we went on a hunt for a bunch of less actives, and we found them alright, but we also found some really positive new investigators! we found a family that got baptized about 4 years ago, and havent gone in a while, but they now have a family friend who is living with them. we visited them saturday night, and they all came to church on sunday including the friend! how far can a simple phone call or a small visit go? be proactive and you will see the miracles! know that i love you all and i just want the best for you! may the Lord bless each and every one of you this week and give you the desire to go to church! 
Elder Slaymaker