Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 2- September 29, 2014

Hey Hey! just letting you guys know that i will be emailing monday
morning instead of tuesday or wednesday this week! i havent figured
out how to add people to my list yet so someon get on and add
everybody please! write me on sunday! love you all!

Hey guys! sorry, i know i said last week i wasnt going to email until tuesday or wednesday, but they changed it for some reason so here i am! next week should be back to tuesday or wednesday though!
Things are still going pretty good at the CCM. everyone is really cool (almost everyone) and i enjoy just being able to talk with everyone about random things. they keep telling us to talk in spanish, and alot of the times we do, but sometimes we just need some good ole spanish fork english.
there is a group of elders leaving the CCM tomorrow, and its kind of a bittersweet moment. there will be more room in the dorms, but in only 10 or so days we have all become really good friends, so its hard seeing them leave, but some of them are going to my mission so hopefully i will get to see them again! the food is...pretty good for the most part. i usually just pick and choose what i want. a lot of eggs, which is good i guess.
sundays are really good because sacrament is the only thing in spanish, and the rest of the day is in english so we can actually understand what we are being taught and what not. yesterday we watched a really good movie on joseph smith and the restoration and it was a really big eye opener and testimony builder for me to see everything that he went through to get the church where it is today. we then watched a repeat devotional from elder Holland that was so so good.
that man knows how to speak.
i will share just a short spiritual experience me and elder hall had this week. we have been teaching a fake investigator, and he was having a hard time with family and his family pretty much disowning him because he was talking with the mormons. we didnt know what to teach or to say before one of our lessons, so we said a prayer and immediately after, elder hall remembered a scripture that he had read earlier in the day. we decided to base our lesson off of that and it actually went pretty well. kind of a neat first experience for the both of us on prayer. from that time on we have kind of made a motto, and in spanish you say oramos, ganamos. in english it means we pray, we win. its kind of been our thing lately i guess! also, i finished the Book of Mormon this week, so that was really cool. and ive starting reading D and C. im thinking about taking up President Hinckleys promise.  i guess a little while back, in conference he promised that any missionary who is having trouble with the language (im not really having trouble, but i kind of want to do it) if you will read the entire book of mormon in a different language, you will be able to speak and understand and basically be fluent in that language. our teacher testified of it and he actaully speaks pretty good english, and he said hes never ever taken a class or lessons or anything. all he did was read the book of mormon in english. super cool. hoping i can accomplish that at some point.
also i was going to say, i dont know if any of you were planning on sending packages at any point, but please dont. we had a class yesterday and they explained how the americans will always get packages with a whole bunch of goodies and what not in them, but the latinos and natives that we are companions with usually dont even get a christmas package. i dont really want to be put in that weird situation, so please just stick with letters and emails! thanks everybody! i love and miss you all! also, happy birthday grandpa jim and keione! sorry i coulnt be there! and happy birthday to anyone else i forgot!, also grandma, super cool that you know elder hall! i like him and we seem to work really well together. our teacher told us that we have really been doing a good job and teaching with the spirit so that was good!
tomorrow we have p day, and i guess we are kind of going on a tour of the city, so we are all really excited to finally get out of here for a second.  its seriously like a prison. we get in our classroom on the second floor of the CCM, and we all feel like rupunzel. stuck in this tower with no way out. not the greatest, but eventually we will make it out. atleast we can see the main steeple of the temple, right? Hope all is going well and i love and miss you guys! Tell lex, syd, brooklyn, braxton, mitchell, brooks, gage, and even bridger i said hello! im finding some super cool souvenirs for all of you i just dont dare send them home in packages so it might be a couple years! also, im going to try and write some letterstomorrow, so we will see how long it takes to get there! Love, Elder Slaymaker

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