Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Woot woot!  2 months down 22 more to go! hope everybody is doing fantastic! glad to finally get some pictures of animals! and of people! looks like some of you ran into some pretty good luck this year! thanks for sharing! anyways, this last week we went to antigua, and it was so cool! it honestly reminded me of like rome or italy or something like that.  all of the roads are like cobblestone and what not and there is so much history there.  its actually an area in the mission, and i think it would be really cool to get to serve there, so maybe! Im trying to send some photos of it, so hopefully they all work and what not! not a whole lot of time to write today, but just wanted to tell you all the things are going good and we are teaching and baptising and all of that good stuff! havent had any baptisms yet, but this week we have 3 lined up, which are milagros or miracles.  we are really hoping the people can pull through.  so just for kicks and giggles, i will tell ou guys some of the things we have to do as missionaries.  first off this mission is like the only mission where we can contact BUSES!!! its so fun! they just run these school buses around town for public transportation, and we  can contact them, and its awesome! contacting is just meeting someone, talking to them briefly, and getting there information to possibly teach them some other day.  on average, we contact between 40 and 50 peole everyday, and between 10 and 20 families everyday. just in the street.  we are contantly talking and meeting new people, and its so hard to remember all of them, but its fun.. anyway, thats my fun fact for the day! love you all!
love, elder slaymaker

                                                     Antigua Gutemala Cathedral

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