Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Can you feel the Heat??!! June 30, 2015

my beloved folk in UTAH!! you guys dont even know how much i have been missing you! but really just loving where i am at as well! so...about the snake....we went to this town called patulul, which is usually where we go to buy groceries and write on tuesdays and what not. well in front of this pizza place is a police station, and this guy had just barely brought in this giant boa that he found in the street, which he then proceeded to kill. we asked to take pictures, and being white and all he surely agreed. apparently this is a baby/young boa. pretty small eh?! love all you snake haters!! really not a whole lot has been hapenning this past week. other than we had a conference with Elder Alonso from the area 70. woah. he pretty much walked in, told us all we need to do better, and walked back out. but with love. i honestly dont understand how some people become so spiritually, but its something we all need to strive to do. definitely a cool experience. so...did you all know that..i love you? i hope you do! i hope the summer is going so good for everyone, because its almost half way through!!?? what? where does the time go. every time i write i think...woah its been another week? what hapenned last week? who knows! i hope you all have a wonderful, hot, and happy week! 
Elder Slaymaker

cuando Dios habla, y sus hijos obedecen, siempre les irĂ¡ bien.
las decisiones determinen el destino, pero Dios no se nos ha dejado solos para tomar decisiones.
Presidente Thomas S. Monson

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