Tuesday, December 1, 2015


and it is officially december! halelujah! just missing the snow...but the feeling is still the same! sounds like everyone had a great thanksgiving, sounds like you are all going to be a little heavier set when i get back, but thats a good thing! if it tasted good going in then all is well! thanks for the photos as well! everyone looks just the same! glad to know things are going well! hope everyone had an extra piece of pie! and blackfriday? how was that? any crazy stories? or is that just an old thing now and everyone shops on internet?! calidad!
anyways, milagros this last week! me and my companion made it to the baptismal font again! whoo hoo!! super cool! we baptized a lady and her 3 kids and then another joven who is super cool! hes gonna be a missionary one day! we have been so blessed in this area its nuts. anyways...life is good here in amatitlan! loving the mission! sounds like we will be headed to the temple on the 18th! whoo hoo! first time in like...8 months maybe? mission life. but one of the goals i have when i get back is to go to the temple atleast once a week. try it! i know a few of you have maybe never been, but go! square yourself up and go! see the blessings that come from going! i promise you wont regret it! especially right now at christmas time! make a goal and do everything you can to meet that goal! know that i love you all and cant wait to see your christmas pictures!
Elder Slaymaker

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