Friday, February 12, 2016

February... Feb. 5, 2016

Well good morning everybody! got a slight chance to write just a little bit on a friday morning, so why not! im not going to lie...its probably the hardest thing to sit down and go "alright time to write everybody, what happened last week?" i never remember! so sorry if you guys dont get everything, but im trying! last week we took P-day, and we had to run an errand to amatitlan, which meant we stopped by and visited some converts on our way! whoo hoo! its always good to see some people whos lives you helped change for the better and to see how they are doing! The office is going good! its always crazy, but thats alright! just gotta prepare for the real world that is coming right around the corner! okay okay...funny bus in guatemala they have these buses, not sure if i have told you all about them or not, but they are pretty much the sweetest and most decked out things ever. anyways, thats the transportation around here. so we take alot of them, and we usually get on them and contact the people while we are going to where we need to get to go. so the other night, we got back late from the office, and we had a really important lesson with a lady who is going to get baptized this weekend who lives clear up on the mountain. so we pray right before we leave, and we take off running, and luckily God blessed us with a bus!! whoo hoo! so we get on this bus that is chuck full of probably 100 people or so, and we start yelling at the top of our lungs that we are mormons and we have a message about christ to share and what not, and we pretty much just start contacting everybody. well we get to this point, and elder jeffery goes "ya lets get off here!" so we jump off and both go "uh oh...not where we wanted to be!" the bus takes off and we start running after it, and luckily in guatemala they put ladders on the back so they can put luggage or whatever on top of the buses, so as this bus is driving away we run and jump on the back and climb back in! and the guy never even charged us! whoo hooo!!! adventures in guatemala are basically the best, and just when you never think you are going to get to do something (like run and jump on a moving bus) it happens! anyways, hope you all are preparing for a good valentines day, and for baseball season, because we all know that is right around the corner! have fun and read the scriptures! Love you!
Elder Slaymaker

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