Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Holy Cow.

Que Dios les bendiga (God bless you)! well...not going to lie...i dont think i have a whole lot to write today..but if i dont do it today then i probably wont remember!  so here i am! last week was puro relajo (pure relaxation), like i said! but saturday was pretty cool....we ended up going to the mountains for a little meeting with a few missionaries, and then we took p-day after, so we went to this buffet, all you can eat guatemalan food for 30 Quetzales!!! we´re talking like...less than 4 bucks. whoo hoo!!! and it was so good...frijoles con arroz, platanos, dobladas, tamales, tortillas, atol, queso, crema, mmmmmm. Rica (frijoles with rice, bananas, folded, tamales, tortillas, atol, cheese, cream, mmmmmmm rich)! just know that one of the things that is going to make me saddest coming home is knowing that this food doesnt really exist their...dang. guess i just gotta learn how to cook it! we have some really good meetings this week with Elder Duncan, the Area 70 President, which should be really good! so i have pretty much decided that life is all about attitude...! you just gotta have a good attitude about everything and know that everything is going to be great! trust in God, do all you can, and nothing can go wrong! I was reading a scripture in Heleman this morning and it says...if we repent, we will prosper. when was the last time you sincerely repented? try it! i promise you all of the bad feelings will go away! is it hard? yeah. is it the funnest thing to do? no. is it worth it? Every. Single. Time. Love you all and hope its still snowing out there! Cant wait for baseball! 
Elder Slaymaker

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