Tuesday, April 12, 2016

19 Down, 5 to go...

well happy 12th of April everybody! its another day here in guatemala, just enjoying the morning office hours and getting to see how everyone back in Utah are doing?! sounds like its starting to get a little warmer over there with some sunburns and what not, welcome to my life for the past 19 months! although the sun doesnt burn as much here, but it does get pretty warm now and then! this week was really good, we saw some new people in church which was awesome and gave us a little more hope and faith, becuase they are a part of a huge family, and if everything goes well we should have a few baptisms here in a few weeks, i just hope i dont get changed before they get baptized!!! this weekend we have stake conference which should be pretty good, seeing as our stake president got called to be a seventy, so they will be calling a new one! and supposedly will be reorganizing our stake and splitting it to make a new one here in the next month or so which will be really cool!! i have pretty much came to this conclusion: once i get back and get going with a few school things and what not, ive gotta move somewhere where the missionary work is just on fire. because lets be honest, in utah its great, but everyone and their dogs are members of the church. some go, some dont, but everyone atleast got baptized when they were 8 years old. can i get an amen? and seeing as i just love the missionary work, we have decided to go live in some place and just help a ward or stake out so much with doing visits and getting everything going. i think that would be so dang fun! but we will see what happens i guess....sometimes we dream bigger than reality. i hope everyone is doing fantastic, loving life and all that it has to offer, and just smiling every day! que el seƱor les bendiga. love you guys!
Elder Slaymaker

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