Thursday, May 26, 2016

que el sol me quema...( The sun burns me...) May 24, 2016

Well....i guess you could say ive just been getting my tan on!! woohoo!!! im not kidding you guys...if i stay here until the end of my mission im going to come back and you are not going to recoginze me! im going to be all browned up and skinny as a twig! but i guess we will see what happens! i just love the coast! Anyways, we had a crazy week last week! on wednesday we went to the sisters area to seal the deal with a guy who wasnt wanting to get baptized....yeah God had other plans in mind. i had the privelage of baptizing him later that afternoon at about 5! gotta love miracles! then we were just running all week long! this week should be even better because we have a few meeting, some divisions we have to do, and hopefully some baptisms! Cant believe its the end of the year, everyone graduated today and its time for summer! Lets go swimming! or september primero Dios(God First)! anyways thanks for all you guys do, for all the love and support and prayers and whatever else you are doing! hope you all are eating well becuase there is nothing like hot chicken shoup with a flaming tortilla when its 95 outside 100% humidity! que Dios les bendiga! (God bless you!)

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