Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finally made it to the beach...

whoooo!!! sorry for the photo overload, but i thought you would like them! we finally made it to the beach yesterday! we went to a place called el Semillero! look it up on the map! been waiting the whole mission to make it to the beach, and i finally made it! might be an hour and a half ride in a bus, going through all of the banana fields, but we made it!! i think the best part was just taking the shoes off, and letting your bare feet hit the sand...holy cow. grateful for the little things! blessings of being in the coast! anyways other than that the week was pretty good! started off real interesting last tuesday. got to go back to the old area of santa barbara as we did divisions, which was fun! as we get there elder hernandez tells me that we were going to go help a member move a couple of blocks that she needed help with. alright lets go i said! we show up, and there is the flatbed with 1000 cement blocks ready to be hauled. i was like...oh. my. gosh. pero esta bien! so the two worker guys start unhauling all of the blocks, meanwhile we start hauling them from the street through the house and down into the back space where she is going to build her little room/house. 750 blocks later we called it quits. but it was a huge blessing, and something i will never forget! loving the coast as always and loving the mission! hope everybody has a good 24th! enjoy the fireworks and rodeo! Adios! 
Elder Slaymaker

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