Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The New Zone..

Welcome to the new zone of Tiki! handsome young fellas right?! so this last week...holy cow. literally insane, but learned a lot! Monday: P-day, everything is normal. Tuesday: divisions, normal day of work, not the best but not the worst either. nothing special to say the least. Wednesday: we get a call at about 11 ish saying that president is going to put sisters in Tiquisate with us, so we get to go find a house! woohoo...!! from 11 a.m. until 8:40 p.m. we went walking through the blazing heat of tiquisate looking for a house, and we finally found one at 8:40. Holy Cow.Thursday: we knew we had to be in the capital for a meeting at about 7, which meant leaving tiki about 3 a.m. after talking with the guy who brings the beds, fridge, etc to all of the houses for the missionaries, we met him at 2:45 a.m. at the church to go to the house and drop off the things. the best part was that he gave us a ride to the capital in his...little nissan frontier type pickup. we got there alive which was good. spent the day in the meeting, and made it back to tiki about 5:30, then after helping the sisters for about an hour we started working at about 6:30. Friday: finally a normal day, we worked, and up until this point our baptism for sunday was doing good. Saturday: in the morning we went to find some baptismal clothes for another area who had a few baptisms, and we had planned our baptismal interview at 11. Our baptism calls us at 10 and says she has an emergency in Antigua and wont be back until tuesday. Great. Baptism fell. we went to do some interviews for another area, and made it back to our area to work. Sunday: go to church, everything is going fine, until afterwards when we get a call from president that we need to look for a new house because the one we found wasnt going to work. Lovely. all sunday afternoon we went looking for houses until about 6:30. we had found 2 and decided to wait for the sisters to come the next day and look at them and decide. Monday comes, we go look, they pick one, we get all of the stuff moved over there with the help of a member, and get done about 2:30 in the afternoon. then at 5 we started divisions with the asistants. and today we had zone training. I Love being a missionary. Everything is a blessing from the Lord. We have 2 options in every situation, murmur or meditate. choose meditate. I love you all and Happy 4th of July!! Woohoo!!!
Elder Slaymaker

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