Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21, 2014

Hola amigos!
so i just want to let you all know, if i dont respond back to your specific message personally, its only because i dont have time. i promise i would if i had time, but by the time i read the 15 ish emails i have and then write one mass email and send it out, its already been an hour. so i promise its nothing personal, just a time restraint!
anyways, hows everybody been doing? i hope well! this past week has been...pretty much the same as every other, with a few new adventures. for starters, my companion elder hall is the new district leader. they change every two weeks in the CCM, but i think out in the field is different. we really dont do anything as district leader. youre in charge of your district, you run the one or two hour long district meetings we have a week, and on sunday report to the branch president about how your district is doing. so youre pretty much just a representative of your district.
Also, i got my haircut by a fellow missionary! whoot whoot! if that doesnt say "welcome to the mission life.." then i dont know what does! his name is elder anderson from bountiful. probably 7 feet tall. it was his sixth time doing it, but i have to say its not to bad! basically just trimmed up the sides and left the top seeing as it was already short. i dont have pictures of it today, but in two weeks i probably will!
Moving on, this week we got to go out on the street and actually street contanct people!! so exciting! 11 missionaries were out for 30 minutes and we got 8 contacts, meaning people actually gave us their contact information so that we can come back. we are in the CCM so we cant come back, but we give the information to the missionaries in the area and they go and visit and teach. me and elder hall first talked to these two guys who owned a flower shop down the street. super nice people, and the one guy seemed really interested, so we were able to get his phone number and we gave both of them books of mormon. then we talked to this guy on a bullet bike at the gas station. he tried to get away, but you know how missionaries are, persistent and intelligent. needless to say we stopped him in his tracks and he actually seemed interested. we were able to get his adress and phone number and then as we were walking back to the CCM, we ran into two sisters who are in that area, so we were able to give them the information right then and there! super cool, super fun, and super easy!
its almost halloween! whoot whoot! not a holiday down here, but i know it is up there, and i know a bunch of you are getting ready to go to the halloween train?! if you dont know what im talking about, disregaurd this paragraph and move on to the next! if you do, hope you all have fun! wishing i could go, because it was always one of my favorites! tell all the kiddos hello and happy halloween!
on a spiritual note, we had a devotional on sunday that i will never forget. president pitcher and sister pitcher (catcher) gave a really good devotional on the atonement of christ. the whole devotinal was really good, but we watched a mormon message at the end that was the strongest 7 minute clip i have ever seen in my entire life. it was titled "always remember him" by jeffrey R holland. please go watch it. i promise if you dont know a thing about the church, this video will bring tears to your eyes and i promise you will be able to feel the spirit in your heart. this is weird, becuase im not usually like this, but i promise it will cause you to think twice about life and what he did for us.
anyways, hope all is going well! i will email in a few weeks and let you know how the field is! love you all and happy birthday to anyone who has a birthday this week!
Love, Elder Slaymaker


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