Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014

Hey everybody!
not a whole lot to talk about today, but i will see what i can do!
for starters, i have good and bad news.
Good is that i am almost done with the CCM!! only two weeks left! we had another group of guys go out just this morning, so now there is only like 33 of us in the CCM, but there is word of more sisters coming from provo, so im not sure.
Bad is that i wont be able to email for two weeks. i email today, and next week, and then i leave on the 28th to al campo! (the field!). the day we leave we dont get to email, so i wont be able to email until the first of november ish. but thats okay! i will have a lot to talk about after that!
also, i finally got some letters last week! whoot whoot! i got one from cammee B, and Halley, that were both sent around the 18th?? not sure why it took so long for them to get here, but usually i think its about 10 to 11 days. on average. glad to see some of you have been getting mine as well! i try to do one or two a week, so if you havent gotten any yet, dont worry, im working on it. we are kind of on lock down around here and they only want us writing on pday. so i try to get as many as i can! also dad, i may be sending home papers and what not and you will have no idea what they are, just take them and put them in a box or something. im going to try and save as much as i can from my mission so i can remember a bunch one day. probably be like schedules or other random things, just put them in a box or folder somewhere. Also, Cammee B., THANK YOU FOR THE BASEBALL UPDATES. not going to lie, i may have sinned a little. there is a night club right next to us, and as i was on the third floor i could see a tv on through the window. of course, it was postseason baseball. couldnt quite make out the teams, but it sure made me miss watching. postseason baseball is like, almost as good as christmas. every game is intense, doesnt matter if you like the teams playing or not. so thank you for the updates! Also, could someone possibly email me my mission home adress? i forgot to write it down, but all the letters i send now will need to have a return adress of the mission home becuase i wont be in the CCM by the time i get letters back! Gracias! also Cammee B, do you have an adress for halley? or should i just send her letters to you? she said she got one of my letters that i just sent straight there, and i sent it to the mission home, so not sure what it the best way to do that. Also if i could get grandma and grandpa slaymakers adress that would be great. i cant exaclty acess my contancts list at the moment, which has all of this information in it. so yeah. gracias.
something random i learned this week...im going to try and find garlic pills to take because everyone says it keeps the mosquitos away. you take one a day, and then when you sweat or anything that comes out of your pours is garlicish and the bugs hate it. so im going to try it, as soon as i can find some garlic pills! apparently theyre a normal thing? i dont know.
a lot of you have been asking about the food we eat! a lot of eggs, quite a bit of chicken and rice, and its always smothered in some sort of sauce. always. they love nacho cheese down here, so its usually eggs with nacho cheese in the morning. thank heavens for frosted flakes. a lot of fruit, and fruit juice, but that combination is deadly to your stomach. mucho diarrhea after that. needless to say, i usually drink water and have an apple at lunch or something! we had an elder in our district who told his mom he had diarrhea, and she got so worried she emailed the CCM president! so please, dont email the CCM president, becuase i dont want that talk from president about what you should and should not tell your family!
more on the spiritual side, we watched a really really good devotional from elder Holland on sunday. he was talking about the second coming for a minute, and he said a few things that really stuck out to me. he said, we are in the last and final dispensation of this world. this has never happened before, nor will it ever happen again. he also said, we have been right in the middle of the second coming since 1820, when joseph smith restored the church. we are right smack dab in the middle of the second coming. Are You Ready?
super cool to think about, and slightly nervewracking, but i guess i will leave on that note! hope all is going well and i love and miss you all! tell whoever has birthdays this week happy birthday!
Love, Elder Slaymaker

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