Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finally some pictures

Hey everybody! not a lot of time to write today because i spent all of my email time trying to figure out how on earth to email pictures. it  will only let me put two in an email, so sorry for all the emails! anyways, week one in the field, check! definitely something different. but first off, last week in the ccm my district got to sing in sacrament meeting, which is not like me at all, but it was actually really cool becuase we sang the prayer of a prophet  using spanish and english, so it was pretty legit. also, my first day in the field we went to the mission presidents home, which happens to be on the 14th floor of this building, with this killer view. never seen anything like it before in my life. i think there is a picture of us on the balcony. later that day we went to work, and let me tell you, i have never, not once in my life, sweated as much as i did this day. we ran, not walked or jogged, full blown ran everywhere for a solid afternoon teaching and preaching the gospel. in church clothes. and church shoes. ya, pretty much sucked. but looking back it was kinda fun! we didnt get companions until the next day, so i then found out that i am in an area called villa hermosa with Elder Alvarez of El salvador! we actually get along pretty good, which is great! he doesnt hardly know any english, but thats okay because i am learing spanish at a rapid pace now. he said im pretty much the only gringo he has worked with that can speak as well as i can for just coming out of the ccm, so thats good. the people in this area are awesome, but im told its a lot different in the other areas of our mission. the members are really good here, but ive also heard in other areas the members dont really like the missionaries, so we will just have to see how it goes! also, i taught an english class!!! i think while i am here, i will be teaching an english class at the church every friday night, so that was kind of cool and different! also, just to give you an idea, the goal for our mission this month is 400 baptisms. 400. becuase there are 5 sundays this month. yes, we baptize, and we baptize alot. on sunday we had 2 confirmations, a couple who is 80 ish years old and who have been catholic their whole life, so that just goes to say that people can change! and also me and elder alvarez got to participate in that during sacrament meeting, so that was awesome! not every day you get to give someone the gift of the holy ghost eh! so, we do things a little bit different here, pday is on monday, but we write on tuesday. so i will be writing every tuesdayprobably around this time. yesterday was pday, which is always good. we played futbol in the morning for a few hours, which was a new experience, but it was pretty fun! then we had time to do whatever, so we got haircuts and then just hung out at the house. took a slight nap. and then back to work. so everything is going swell! also if you want to send letters, just send them to the mission home. they dont reallly have a mail service down here, so every time we have changes, which is every six weeks, they dispurse all the mail that has came in from the previous six weeks. if you dont know the adress, talk to my dad! love you all and hope you have a good week!

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