Monday, November 10, 2014 me a liar if you want, but it seems like everytime i tell you guys when im going to write, it ends up being different. so sorry to those of you who were expecting me to write tomorrow! we had to change our schedule this week, becuase tomorrow we have a zone pday, and we are all going to a place called Antigua!! apparently its one of the more touristy towns with a bunch of cool things, so im definitely looking forward to that! i like learning about the history and seeing things that tell stories about the countries, so it should be pretty fun! i will have more to report on that next week! anyways, hows everybody doing. and hows the cold settling in. dont worry, im getting plenty of sun for all of you. also, for those of you that hunt, where the heck are all the pictures. come on people. i get sick of seeing the same stray dogs in the same streets everyday, i need some real excitement! gracias. not sure if i shared this last time or not, but my companion Elder Alvarez heads home to El Salvador on the 16th of December, which means i will be getting a new companion, and hopefully staying in the same area, but who knows. i am liking it here, and everyone says its definitely one of the better areas to be in, so hopefully i will stay here for atleast a few changes,but you never know. We havent baptized any yet, but we have 4 lined up for the next two weeks, so we are really hoping that they can pull through, come to church, and be baptized. we need to get in the font. other than that, not a whole lot to report here. usually our daily schedule is wake up and study for a while, usually until 12. then we go teach for an hour and then go to lunch. then we teach for the rest of the night until 9! Oh and also, we had stake conference this last weekend, so that was interesting. im starting to understand more and more spanish as time goes on, which is good. i can speak it pretty well, i just have a hard time understanding sometimes, so hopefully it comes. Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday this week! sorry i dont remember all of them, but i try! have a good week and i love you all!
Love, Elder Slaymaker

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