Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hey Everybody! hope you all had a happy thanksgiving! not a lot of time to write today, so i will just get straight to the point! this past week we didnt have as much success as we wanted, so we are hoping this week goes slightly better. But the church has a new mormon message that just came out titled He is the Gift. go to christmas.mormon.org and watch it. watch it at the christmas parties you have this month, and think about what christmas is, and the meaning behind it. as missionaries they are experimenting with it, so we have like 300 pass along cards about this video and we are supposed to share it with all of our investigators and what not, so thats kind of what we have been focusing on this past week. sorry i dont have a whole lot to write this week, next week will be better i hope! i hope you all have a good first week of december, and enjoy the cold and snow, becasue im missing it! happy birthday to those that have birthdays! Love you all and talk to you next week!
Elder Slaymaker

whoot whoot!!! finally got some of your guyses letters this past week! we had a zone conference, and they had our mail, so i was able to get my backpack and a few letters from like the first to middle of october! which was great! thanks for the love! im trying to write back when i can, so hopefully i will be able to send some letters back soon!  anyways, have a great week and i love you all! please go watch that video, because its so good! then share it on facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever else you can!
Elder Slaymaker

yes, that is a volcano, and yes, i have this view every night!!

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