Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

Hey everybody! hows everyone doing? good i hope? sounds like its been super warm in the land of mormons. dont worry, i feel your pain. the weather here in the capital is honestly like late september early october, every single day. its perfect. and its not humid, atleast that i can tell. anyways, i have a little more time to write today, so hopefully i can explain a few more things.first off, we have changes tomorrow!! yes, i made it through my first change in the mission. every change is 6 weeks long, and then you might move to a different area and maybe get a new companion. turns out i will be staying here in villa hermosa atleast until february, which is the next change. not sure who my companion is yet, but i do know it is someone new, becuase elder alvarez is changing areas, so next week you will find out who my next companion is! this past week has been a pretty good one, nothing to out of the ordinary! we had a bunch of investigators and recent converts attend church, so that was really good! we also found a family of gold. a husband and wife, and one daughter that is maybe a year old. they are super interested in the church, and the even came this past sunday, which is awesome! they are keeping all of the commitments we give them, like reading and praying to know its true, and hopefully i will get to baptize them at the end of the month! and then in a year, take them to the temple to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. and they even keep the word of wisdom, which is rare around here. everyone loves their coffee! i know not everyone of you who gets my emails is active or even members of the church, but i would invite you to go this sundayand learn a little more about it. especially where we are in december with christmas coming up, remember why we have christmas. if it wasnt for the love of our heavenly father, we wouldnt have christmas, because who wants to send their only son away for 30 years? anyways, a little more about the people here, they feed us. and they feed us. and they feed us more. oh my gosh. ive never eaten so much in my life. i feel like all i do is eat. and its such a blessing, because i know in other parts of the world people dont have a whole lot, but they literally feed us to the point where we have to sit and wait for it to digest, because if we start walking, we are either going to puke or who knows what else. needless to say, if i come back huge,  just know it tasted good going in! i hope you all have a wonderful week, and hopefully it snows soon! love you all!
ELder Slaymaker

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