Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Feliz navidad! okay almost, but almost counts. its christmas here in guatemala, and everything is going good good good!
we had changes this past week... and i got a new companion! his name is Elder Avalos from mexico! yes, i have a mexican companion, and no he is not offended by this! he is slightly different, but we are making it work. we are in my same area, zone villa hermosa area la hermosa, and things are just moving right along. its been kind of a different week, because ive had to lead the area and pretty much be the senior companion, and ive only got 3 months in the mission, so thats gone super great. but its definitely making me learn things quicker and learn how to be a leader in the mission, which is good i guess! looks like i will be here until february, which is a good thing! this area is pretty cool, and ive been enjoying the members and what not. from what i here, the city has its perks, so hopefully everything works out! 
this past week we had plans to baptize un hermano, but things fell through and we werent able to do it. we were a little bit bummed, but hopefully in the next week or so we can do it. we also have been teaching a really awesome familia, and we are hoping to baptize them at the end of the month! also, we have been giving a lot of blessings lately for some reason. this past week we gave two more, and its a really neat experience, i just get really nervous. ive only done it three times, and i dont really know how to do it in english, let alone in spanish!! but everything has worked out thus far, and hopefully it will continue to go that way! 
i know there are a lot of birthdays this month of december, so i just want to say happy birthday to whoever has a birthday this month! go ahead and buy yourself a gift from me! know that i love you all and that im wishing you a feliz navidad from guatemala this christmas!!
love, elder slaymaker!!
or as the guatemalans say, elder schwarzenegar!

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