Monday, January 5, 2015

December 23, 2014

whoot whoot! 23 of diciembre! 2 days until christmas! apparently christmas in guatemala is a lot different than in the states! people here love fireworks. for the past month, its just firework after firework after firecracker all day long. all day long. and im told on christmas night, its jsut a giant firework fest wherever youre at. also, we have permision to  be out later on christmas night to watch it! which is awesome! we just have to be in the house of a leader from our ward, and we can stay out until 1230 watching the fireworks and spending christmas! so just know that i will be spening the fourth of july on the 24th of december! but thinking about santa and the savior!
anyways, this past week we had a christmas activity with all of the zones in the city! president markham made us pancakes and hot chocolate, and then we played some games. he then proceeded to do a nativity scene, in which missionaries participated! he told us that ever since he was a little boy, they have done this tradition every year. someone reads from the book of lucas the story of the birth of jesus, and they act it out as they go, so that was kind of neat to participate in!
we havent had any more baptisms yet, but we are trying like crazy! hopefullly we can baptize in the next few weeks, because we have some good families! anyways, not much time to write, but i just wanted to wish you all a very merry christmas! i hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, spend time with family, and remember jesus! love you all!
Elder Slaymaker

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