Monday, January 5, 2015

December 30, 2014

Looks like you gringos and canches finally got some snow!!! i shouldnt be jealous, but im pretty much missing the snow that you have right now. dont get me wrong, this weather is very nice and i am very appreciative, but i could go for some cold, white, fluffy snow right now! 
anyways, hows everybody doing? good and cold i hope?! i hope everybody had a very merry christmas! and you will all have to send me some pictures of what you got! we ended up having a pday on christmas day, and i was able to talk with the familia via skype, so that was pretty cool and interesting! sorry i couldnt talk with all of you, trust me if i could have i would have! anyways, then we had a christmas party with our district, which consists of four missionaries, so you can imagine how that was! we went to the house and opened some gifts and remembered all of the good times we have had! pretty fun i guess, but nothing like a good ole cold snowy utah winter christmas!
we havent had any more baptisms yet:( but we are trying. this week has been really slow. everybody travels to the coast for christmas, so no one is here to teach. we ended up knocking doors most of the week, but it was still fun! christmas was just like the fourth of july! fireworks everywhere! and everyone lights them off at midnight on the 24th! we were up above the city a little ways, so we had this awesome view of all the fireworks and of the majority of the city! i will try and send some pictures! anyways, everything is going good here in guatemala, and we are just living the dream preaching the gospel! hope all is well and cold in utah! love all of you and thanks for all your support and email each week! 
Elder Slaymaker


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