Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hey family and friends! how are you all doing? from the emails ive been getting it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good and freezing? keep up the good work!
yesterday, we had interviews with our mission president! every 3 months or so we have an interview with him just to see how things are going and if we are doing what we should be doing. not sure if i should tell you guys this or not, but as of right now we are the highest baptizing mission in all of central america. the next closest is nicaragua south i think? but here is the kicker. guatemala central and nicaragua south are both pretty close with baptisms, but guatemala central has about 30 less missionaries. which is a huge difference. so the ratio of missionaries to baptisms is alot higher here, and who knows why! president was telling me that it is baffling him and the area 70 presidency, and they cant figure out how we are doing it! i know my numbers dont really show that we are the highest baptizing mission, but we are still working hard everyday! ive heard once you go to the coast you just baptize like crazy, so who knows! its all in the hands of the lord!
i was also reading the conference talks of this past conference, and i came across one i really really like, so if you have time, go and read it. its the one by Dieter F. Uchtdorf in the saturday morning session i believe? talks about space and the universe and how it all testifies that there is a God, and i thought it was a really neat and simple talk that he gave, so go read it!
Also, we have just been pushing along this week. not a whole lot of action. Elder Avalos and i are having a hard time being united and teaching together if that makes sense? right now hes my trainer because im still in training, and he keeps telling me that he hates training and that i dont need a trainer because im the one killing him and overworking him, so who knows! moral of the story, always find a way to get along with your "companion" and make things work. hope you all have some new goals for this year, and that you actually try to make them happen! happy birthday to all who have one! with love!
Elder Slaymaker

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