Thursday, January 15, 2015

4 down 20 to go

yeah a little early, but this week marks 4 months in the mission! Santa Vaca (holy cow) how time is flying. i really cant believe ive been out here for 4 months now. nuts!! but its going good, so hopefully it continues to get better! this week really hasnt been anything out of the ordinary. we had a baptism in our district, which was good, but the work is just moving a little slower in our area. hopefully it changes soon becuase we need some baptisms! 
today in our district meeting we were talking about love and how we need to love everybody. the investigators, members, converts, leaders, people who reject us, everyone. we need to have a christlike love for everyone, and when we do that we can see the blessings in our lives start to come. i just want to say how greatful i am for each one of you and for all that you have ever done for me. i love each and every one of you and know i could turn to any one of you with anything that i needed. not a whole lot to write this week, but i want to challenge you to do something. read the book of mormon. start reading the book of mormon. doesnt matter if youve never read it in your life, if youve read it time and time again, or if you have no idea what im talking about. ask someone about it. get your hands on a book of mormon and read it. just read a little bit everyday. maybe you only have five minutes, so read a verse or two. maybe you have 10 or 15 minutes, read a chapter. and when you really read it and think about the message it contains, pray about it. ask God if its true. and i promise, he will respond. maybe not right away, but he will answer. 
hope you all enjoy the cold and have a happy week! with love!
Elder Slaymaker

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