Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures

Familia y amigos! como estan? espero que todo esta muy bien?
not a whole lot to say this week, so i guess i will try and send some pictures! hopefully they all work! we ended up finding this sweet view at a converts house that is basically at the end of our area, and i pretty much want to just go there every day! you can see everything! the other one is of a sweet dinosaurio that we have in our area! we may or may not have mounted it like the kids in the picture...
then there is one of where we live, and what our house looks like, mas o menos. anyways hope you all enjoy!
so this past week we finally had a family come to church!!! whoo!!! we have been teaching this kid who is 12 who doesnt live in our area. kind of ironic, they live right in front of the stake center, but want to come to church in our ward. anyways we had taught the kid once or twice because a convert who used to live in our area is bringing him. he really likes the church, comes to mutual, yada yada. we finally decided to set up an appointment with the parents to see if they really had the desire to attend church and to see if they were going to be investigators. turns out this family is pilas!! (peelas) they explained that they are just looking for a church where the whole family can attend and that they just want to find the right one. they ended up coming to church as a family for the first time this past sunday, and hopefully we will be able to baptize them in the next few weeks! families are the rock. foundation. of everything. short letter today, but hope you all enjoy! happy birthday to anyone and everyone! enjoy the cold while it lasts! les amo!
Elder Slaymaker

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