Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 down, 19 to go...

Well folks, today marks the day. 5 months here in Guate! super crazy, going by fairly quickly, and just trying to enjoy every moment not worrying about homework, but the salvation of other people! who knew the mission would be so interesting, a little difficult at times, but eternally rewarding. i can already see the changes that are taking place in my mind, attitude, and pretty much just life. amazing how the gospel can change a life! anyways, how is everyone doing out there in UTAH? kind of hope it snows on you all! dont worry i will continue to sweat my guts out here in guatemala!
anyways, just wanted to touch on a few points today! first thing is first, GO TO CHURCH. enough said there. we are having the hardest time getting investigators come to church. and if investigators dont come to church, we dont baptize. but its also with the members!! the number of people in the church lately is way below than what it should be. people just go to church for crying out loud! you would be amazed at the wonders it can do! maybe you have to much to do, or dont have time, or just dont want to go. but i promise it will bless your life, in one way or another. so just go! sacrifice a little bit of your time, just a tiny little hour or two. what is an hour to a lifetime? hardly nothing. and what are you going to lose if you go? nothing. but what are you going to gain? blessings are endless. 
secondly, i was reading in Mosiah this past week in the book of mormon, and i really like chapters 2 and 3. chapter 2 especially, becuase it highlights the importance of the family. pay attention to verses 5 and 6 and notice first how the people were listening, and secondly how the tents were faced. then apply it in your lives! i love you all, and just want the best for you all, and i know that its through this gospel! just try it. expirement a little bit, and see what happens with your life. i hope you all have a marvelous week, remember to love one another as jesus loves you, and keep the faith! Elder Slaymaker

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