Tuesday, February 10, 2015

jovenes jovenes, como estan? como le van? super calidad i hope!

Anyways, bit of a different week this past week! kind of crazy! to start things off, elder avalos and i left the house about 9 on sunday to bring all of our investigators to the church which starts at 10. we arrived with exactly 0. lovely. then about 9:50 ish, the first counselor in the bishopric asks us both, hey can you guys give talks on the missionary work? cant deny the first counselor, especially when you are a missionary. needless to say my 5-6 minute schpill on missionary work in spanish was pretty good! 
then later that day, we got to bless a house of the lady we baptized a few weeks ago. shes been having the worst of times right after her baptism, which is not good at all, but she still attends church every week. she told us she feels weird and insecure in her house, so we took a guy from the high priests group and blessed her house. interesting experience, but something you all should do so the spirit can reside in your homes. 
fun fact for the week: there are approximately 23 dialects here in guatemala. every time we come in contact with a person, we ask them if they speak a dialect, and then we proceed to learn different languages! basically im a trilingual! at utz? how are you? in a dialect called kack chikel. super fun!
then we learned that Elder Neil L. Anderson of the twelve is coming on March 18th! whoot whoot! gonna be super interesting! and in preparation, we pretty much changed a whole bunch of things. we ended up sacrificing our pday yesterday, and we just worked and worked. every day this week we have a goal of 100 contacts daily. and we fasted yesterday to start things off. been a crazy start to this week, but we are hoping to see some miracles!!!
the more positive investigators we have right now dont even live in our area. we have the okay to teach and baptize them, but we cant leave the area to teach them. kind of interesting, but hopefully something works out! love you all and have a great week! find somebody to love!
katqueenpapee! not sure if thats how you spell it, but it means something along the lines of take care!
Elder Slaymaker

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