Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Familia! Amigos! Primos! Tios! Abuelos! Padres! Todos! saben que? no voy a cambiar areas! ni compañeros! bien loco pero bueno!

Hope you can all figure that out! anyways, like i told you all last week we have changes this week, but it looks like i wont be going anywhere for a while! me and elder avalos are going to have another change together in the same area of La Hermosa, but its all good because he is bien chistoso! we got the call yesterday, and we arent going anywhere, but the funny thing is that this is his last change, and he goes home in the middle of march, which is when the next changes are. which means i will get a new companion in march, and probably be in this same area for another change becuase i will need to teach my companion the area and then the change after i will most likely change areas! so for now, i will be here until the middle of march, and there is a high possibility that i could be here until the end of april or first of may, but its all just talk right now! Only God knows!

anyways, how is everybody doing? good i hope?! hope you are all enjoying the warm weather that you are having! sounds like its a little crazy, but hope you are all enjoying it while it lasts! time is going by super fast, especially looking back and when i came into the mission! cant believe its already been 4 and a half months! nuts! but everything is going good, and im learning a lot! so grateful for every one of you and the support you guys have given me while im down here in guatemala! definitely feeling the love! i would encourage you all to take a real good look at your lives. where are you? at what stage in life are you, and what exactly are you doing with your life? now think, are you where you want to be? are you doing what you want to be doing? not only temporally, but spiritually as well. those are my inspired questions for the week! also if you have the chance, read 2 nephi 25 in the book of mormon, one of my favorites! happy birthday to all and hope you are loving life! love you!
Elder Slaymaker

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