Wednesday, January 28, 2015

hey everybody! i know i know, you are all probably freaking out because i didnt send any emails yesterday, and i will explain, dont worry. but yes, im still alive and doing just fine in case you were wondering. anyways, what a week! que interisante. primeramente, we ended up having a baptism!!!!!! whoot whoot! that was awesome! and i was able to baptize her as well! i just gotta say, i must have a thing for the older women. both my baptisms are older ladies, but they are so awesome so i dont even care! the lady in the picture is so cool, and we eat lunch with her almost everyday! i think i shared her story last week, so i wont share it again, but we ended up baptizing her on sunday and we are going to confirm her this sunday! we might only come out of this change with 1 baptism, but that one baptism was a miracle and it was what we needed to do in this change, so thats all that matters! 
i didnt write yesterday, because we ended up having a p day with our whole zone, and we went to the temple!! not very often that happens i guess! we are supposed to only go once every six months while on our mission, if its necessary. we are allowed to go with converts if they invite us and things like that, but we were able to get permission from president markham (mission president) and go yesterday! it was a good experience, and i would enourage all of you that can go to go. make it a habit, or a goal, or whatever, just go! its such a neat place and there is always such a strong spirit, even if everybody is speaking in spanish and you have no idea what is happening! so go. please. 
also this coming 4th of february, we have changes!!! whoot whoot! always some anticipation going into changes, and everyone thinks im going to change areas! wont know until monday if i change or not, and wont know until wednesday exactly where im going and who im going with, so stay tuned to the guatemala reporting missionary service right here through my email if you want to find out! love you all like i love beans, rice, and chicken! have a great week!
Elder Slaymaker
puro chapin.

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