Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TIQUISATE!!!!! March 19, 2015

Whoo Whoo!!! been a super crazy week in guate! yes its thursday and we are just barely writing, but dont worry i am still alive!! maybe not for long, but we will see! first off, we had p day on monday, everything was great. went and played futbol with the district and then went and ate home made pizza! nothing to fancy! tuesday we had changes, which were awesome! i got my new companion Elder Fabian from El salvador, and he is super cool! hes got 6 weeks in the mission, so i will be finishing his training, and we are in SANTA BARBARA, TIQUISATE!!!!!!! so stoked! pure coast!! its going to be so hot, but so fun! i heard that i was coming here and i was just like, oh my gosh. this change is going to be awesome! everyone says it is just so hot and you just sweat your guts out all day long, get back to the house dripping sweat! so looking forward to it! its about 4 hours from the capital. then tuesday after changes we ended up working in the capital and staying with the secretaries in there house, because on wednesday we got to hear Elder Neil L. Anderson of the 12, and he shook each one of our hands, and i was sitting right in front of him, about 30 feet away! super cool experience! but anyways, tuesday night my companion and i are walking down the street in an area that is not ours, and we make it to the end of the street. where we end up finding a dog. not a problem right? wrong. first off there is wild dogs everywhere, so we didnt think much of it. then it all of a sudden didnt like us and just started coming after us. my companion has 6 weeks in the mission. he doesnt know what on earth to do and just kind of stands there. meanwhile ive got a book of mormon in my hand waiting for this thing to come at me. finally makes it to me and i may or may not have slapped it really hard in the face with my book of mormon. probably the coolest thing ive done so far on my mission, just saying. anyways, today we finally made it to tiqui. still havent gone to our house because we got back last night after standing in a bus with all of our luggage for 3 hours at about 9:20. slept on the floor of the new house of our district leader which was awesome, but i think we are going to eventually make it back there! anyways, thats about it for this week! talk to you all on tuesday i think! oh and we baptized the family....SUCCESS!! love you all and happy birthday!
Elder Slaymaker

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