Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No es tan caliente, pero hay mucho SUDOR!!!

Family, friends and jovenes of all places!  i dont remember the last time i have sweat like this. we were making our way back to the house last night, about 8 ish, and i was literally dripping sweat. from the front, the back, my shirt would have been better dumped in water, and i could just shake my arms and get my companion wet!! so much fun!! so looking forward to just losing a whole bunch of weight that i dont really have! the thing is, is its not really hot, and i cant really tell the difference if its humid or not, but for some reason i just sweat like no other! 
anyways, this last sunday was pretty nuts. my companion and i and the president of our branch pretty much run the church in this little pueblo. we confirmed 7 people on sunday, 2 of which i actually did, for the first time ever in my life, in spanish. but i guess you cant really prepare for that!! in the same day, we blessed the sacrament, dont remember the last time i did that. and i ended up giving a talk about agency. we taught priesthood, to all 5 guys that have it, and we ended up teaching gospel principals to the 7 new members we have. oh and we ordained 2 kids to the office of a teacher in the priesthood. and when i say we i mean my companion and i. whoooo!!! welcome to the jungle!!
fun fact for the week, there is a million geckos here in guate. we sleep with them. we got home the other night and there was like 5 on our walls, and its no big deal! super cool! i also heard there is a place nearby where i might be able to find a great big boa in the jungle!! wish me luck! love you all and have a great week! prepare for conference!
Elder Slaymaker

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