Tuesday, March 31, 2015

mis amados hermanos y hermanas...hay de escuchar conferencia este fin de semana ustedes!!
how is everyone going? super good i hope! oh and i was going to say, if there is someone in this email list that doesnt want my super chilero emails, you can tell me and i will stop sending them to you...!
this week has been super calidad! our area is super cool! we have this little town that is center in our area about 15 minutes off of the main road. where we turn off of the main road we have another part of our area that is called chipo. pretty much just dirt paths and trees with a bunch of fields of sugarcane. then about 25 minutes in bus above the main town is another part of our area called el efuerzo. in between these three parts there are no houses, just jungle and sugarcane fields. but in the upper part, we are pretty much preaching on a volcano. i didnt realize it before becuase it has been rainy and cloudy, but we are pretty much at the bottom of this volcano, which is super cool!! on sunday we were up there, and it started raining so hard. here in guatemala, its better to just be wet. so here we are walking, soaking wet, dripping water, walking through the river that is in the street, and its 4 in the afternoon. 5 more hours to preach!!! whoo whoo!! bring it on! we arent allowed to ride in the back of trucks anywhere in the mission, but in the coast we can as long as the truck has a cage type thing, which they all do. so we finally decided to go down, and we caught a ride with this guy, standing in the back of his truck while the rain is pouring down, making our way down the volcano for about 20 minutes. super fun!! not to spoil the fun, but this saturday we are going to baptize...IN THE RIVER!!!  its going to be so cool! we found this kid that is 10. his whole family are members. he comes to church frequently. we asked if he was ever baptized, he told us no! so after the first session of conference we are headed to the river to baptize him! photos to come...
anyways, this weekend is conference! whoot whoot! i invite all of you to watch as many sessions as you can and get all the revelation needed! go in with a question in mind and it will get answered! love you all and happy birthday!
Elder Slaymaker

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