Friday, April 17, 2015

Crocodiles and Milkshakes... April 7, 2015

Gringos! i love you all! i miss you all! but its all good, everything is super good here in santabarbara, suchitepequez, tiquisate, guatemala! how was conference? tell me your thoughts and comments! i ended up listening to the whole thing in spanish, and i thought i would understand quite a bit, but yeah no. so i am waiting for the liahona to come out next month! but i do know that on saturday, 7 of the however many talks there were, talked about eternal marriage. and as a missionary, that is something that definitely gets talked about a lot, and its what they council us to do. finish the mission, and get married. its the first task to complete. so i guess we will see how things go! 
WE BAPTIZED!!! just not in the river...
we ended up changing it to the font at the church, becuase this past week was semana santa or holy week or easter. and everybody has time off and apparently there were a ton of people in the river and our branch president didnt want to do it there. but it still worked out good in the baptismal font! yesterday for p day we ended up going to this sweet place where they breed crocodiles!!! took some pics so you could all see, and some videos but i cant send videos, so in a year and a half i will show you all! super sweet though, and definitely something you dont get to experience every day! definitely missing opening day of baseball! :( always a wonderful day in the year! anyways, hope you are all doing good, and have a great week this next week! keep a smile and share the gospel! love you and happy birthday!
Elder Slaymaker

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