Friday, April 17, 2015

7 down, 17 to go... April 15, 2015

well, this week marks 7 months out here in guate... cant believe how fast the time is flying! and i cant believe it is the middle of April? and everyone is getting ready to finish school? woah. anyways, this past week was very interesting! we ended up finding a bunch of positive people and 3 or 4 families that told us they would come to church. got to church on sunday, and not one single person we had taught all last week showed up to church. we were so frustrated. we did have 8 investigators attending church though, all of which are less than 14 years old. so we pretty much were frustrated for the past 2 days, and then yesterday we had a super miracle happen. we went to the house of a less active member. his parents are evangelic, and his is the only member of his family. we initially went looking for him and his little brother who we had started teaching, but neither of them were there. we ended up finding his sister who is 18. she was the only one home so we asked how she was and if she had ever listened to the missionaries before (figuring that she had because of her brother) she told us no, and we asked if we could share with her. she said yes so we started to share. it was one of the most spiritual lessons i have ever had in my life. she accepted to come to church and be baptized on the 3rd of may almost without hesitation. please keep her in your prayers and we will see how things turn out! her name is Jaime. 
on the super cooool note, on sunday we were preaching and teaching like missionaries do in the afternoon, and a storm came through. not a big deal right? other than the fact that we almost got struck by lightning, literally like 100 feet away (almost the coolest experience of my life) and it happens that a tree fell on the power line and took out all the power to the town. sweet!!! we didnt have a single ounce of power fromsunday at 6 in the afternoon until tuesday about mid day. no lights, straight up candles and fires!! whoo whoo! really felt like i was camping in the jungle...but anyways, thats pretty much the highlights of this week. love you all and keep on keepin on!
Elder Slaymaker

P.S. im going to eat iguana soon...! apparently its a common thing down here!

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