Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Buenas!!! how is everyone doing this fine 21st of april, 2015? super good i hope! anyways lets get to the chase...this week was slightly interesting! first thing is first, we are riding in a tuk tuk (mini golf cart thing, its what they use for like taxis in the same city) and we were traveling up the mountain/volcano to preach the word, when all of a sudden the two guys driving our tuk tuk stop and just start looking. i was so confused for a minute, and the next thing i know they start pointing and saying iguana iguana!! i was like what? where? i dont see a single thing...and the next thing i know this guy whips out his .22 long rifle and has got this iguana scoped out! fires off a couple of rounds and starts jumping all around because he supposedly hit it! he goes looking after it, and meanwhile i am still confused as to where this guy whipped out a .22. he looks for a minute and doesnt find it, but we found out later he ended up finding it! so yes, in guatemala, the people hunt iguanas!!:) still havent aten one, but soon..real real soon. 
anyways, on a more spiritual note, on sunday night we ended up finding a miracle! there is this little 8 year old girl who has came to church twice, and we looked for her the last week, but we only found her mom. we talked to her a couple of times, but she cant come to church becuase she works on sunday, so we were kind of just wating to find the daughter. sunday night rolls around, and we decide to pass for her shack/hut again, and lone behold we found her! we started talking about baptism (before we had even taught her a single thing about the church) and what it means and her face just lit up with a smile and was like yes! i want to do it! we talked with her mom for a minute, and she told us that she would give her permission, she just wanted to talk to her husband first, because he doesnt like us at all. but the mom gave permission, so we are going to teach her all week hopefully and baptize her on sunday! miracles exist! anyways, i love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week! everyone be sure to wish the little sis Syd a happy birthday on the 24th! turning 13 i believe?! hope you have a great birthday syd! love ya!
Elder Slaymaker

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