Tuesday, April 28, 2015


soooo....where did april go? anyone seen it becuase...i pretty much lost it. Every month seems to go by faster and faster! every change is flying by and i cant believe i have been in this area for 6 weeks already! we have changes tomorrow which means a 3 hour bus ride to the Capital, and it looks like i will be recieving a nuevito missionary! should be pretty interesting seeing as he left the MTC today...:) anyways, not really a whole lot to share this week, sorry guys. we ended up not baptizing the little girl because her parents kept fussing that she was only 8 and didnt understand and blah blah blah. i can see where she is coming from on one hand, and on the other i just wish she could see where we are coming from. the little girl told her mom right in front of us that she wants to get baptized, and it still didnt happen. but we do have some positive people that are progressing so wish us luck! looking for miracles as we go into may! sorry i dont have much to write, but wish me luck with my nuevito, and hopefully all goes well! loving the coast!
happy birthday and love you all!
Elder Slaymaker

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