Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Feliz Dia de Madre!

Hey! how is everyone out there in utah doing? getting ready for summer? school to end? final exams? hope everyone is getting super excited to have some fun in the sun! and watch baseball of course, someone please get in a few games for me...thanks! anyways, so we had changes, and i am now with Elder Bados from Honduras, and this change is definitely going to be interesting. he is probably the most shy person i have met in my entire life. maybe worse than a 3 year old. but dont worry, we are working on that, a lot! he is a nuevito fresh from the MTC, and its reminding me of when i was there a little while ago, and i cant believe where the time has gone! anyways, not a whole lot to write this week, just asking for some serious prayers for this lady we are teaching! she is so good, and she started coming to church about 3 weeks ago. her mother in law (ish) and husband (ish) are members, but she isnt. they came about 3 weeks ago because she had a baby, so they blessed it and what not, and thats where we actually met them! she has came to church ever since, and reads in the book of mormon every time we give her something to read! the only problem is that her husband is supposedly married with another woman, which means she cant get baptized because they are living together and arent married. thats how a lot of people are here in guatemala, they dont care about getting married. but please just pray that in the system he really isnt married! the lady is going to check this week and let us know if he is or not, so please pray he isnt! anyways, thats pretty much it for now, hope all is well and everyone is great! love you guys and keep it cool!
Elder Slaymaker 

P.S. feliz dia de madres en domingo!
so sunday at 2:30 ish i will be calling. please have your computers ready and turned on to recieve the call. not sure if there is a time difference, but its 2:30 here in guate. i will have to split the time so it will be a lot more short, but its all good! love you all!

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