Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Santiago, Atitlan..

Rain, Rain, Rain.....you say it rained 3 inches in a day...have you experienced 3 inches in an hour?! basically need a boat, but anyways, glad we are finally in the same weather!  Put on the rain coats, pull out the plastic bags, and hope for the best!
Past week:Interesting.
We started out with a rough week.  just didnt find a single soul, and it had been like that for the past few weeks.  Just super dry. Then Sunday comes, and we ended up with 80 peole in church (after having 26 the last week) and 8 investigators attending.  God lives.  and he does miracles.  yesterday we were able to go to Lake Atitlan, which is supposedly the waters of mormon (Mosiah 18) so that was super cool!  The only thing is we didnt even take a single picture.  We went as a zone and they told us that we were all going to go down to the lake right before we left, so we just looked around and stayed in the shops looking at all the neat stuff, then we ended up not going down to the lake.  I was so bummed, but hopefully I will be able to return withtin the next 16 months, other than that, really not a whole lot to say this week!  Love you all and thanks for all the support!  Still looking for the next baptism! Happy birthday and almost last week of school!
Elder Slaymaker
P.S. People go where they've been invited, and stay where they're appreciated.
 President Markham talking about the spirit.
P.P.S.S. to teach by the spirit means to so live that when you teach the spirit is there.
one of the apostles.

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