Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy late Memorial Day Weekend..!

Can you say...state champions?!again?! i just hope you all know that i love baseball. and i love baseball season. but i will keep playing soccer for two years, dont worry! its almost as good!
Anyways, my beloved family and friends! Can i just take five to say...i love you! and i am so very grateful for each and everyone of you and the support you have shown me and my family! know that you all are always in my prayers and that i know im doing the right thing! anyways moving on...
this week was a little slow.  We have had the hardest time finding new investigators lately, or people who have at least a little bit of interest and at least say they will come to church.  no one wants to listen to us, but we are fighting and fighting and fasting and praying and relying on God to help us! sorry my emails the last couple weeks havent been the most interesting, we just literally havent had a whole lot of progress, but just wait for next Tuesday when i write! the stories are going to come! anyways, i hope everyone has a wonderful last week of school! if you even go that is...:) hope the sunshine comes so we can all have the same color of skin again:) im definitely a latino, on the outside and the inside! love you all, happy birthday, kick off summer great, and we will see you soon!
Elder Slaymaker

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