Wednesday, June 3, 2015

If its your birthday shout hooray!

 Family! how we doing in Utah?
this last killer. God loves me, and blesses the obedient. so about a week ago, i finish up writing to you guys and we head to lunch as a district. well as we started finishing up, i started to not feel so great.. and then i got really cold and this rash like instantly took over my body. i knew within seconds i had finally gotten what they call chinchingunya, which is like Dengue on steroids. i was cold the rest that day, and we are in the coast of guatemala. its not cold here people. then on everyone had told me that its the worst, and you get it from the mosquitos that transmit it, and it last for a few days and its basically just death. wednesday morning i woke up with a temperature of over 100, and i was just freezing (doesnt help that the water is cold) and im sitting there trying to study with my blanket all wrapped around me while my companion has his fan on sweating to death! then all day wednesday i was just weak as could be, but still working because we gotta be diligent and we had to prepare our baptisms for this week. i made it through wednesday, and thursday i woke up and everything was gone. the fever, aches and pains, it was all just gone overnight. weirdest thing ever that has happened to me, but thanks to God everything is good and we were able to baptize 4 on sunday! I love being a missionary! literally nothing that compares! we also found these guys whith those sweet armadillos that they had killed en el monte. thats about the closest im getting to hunting here in Guate! anyways, i know there are a few birthdays this week, but everyone be sure to write Sister Halley B. a great big birthday wish! the big 20 on the 8th! love you all and have a great week to summer!
Elder Slaymaker

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