Sunday, June 14, 2015

And another change is gone... June 9th 2015

people...i love you! and i love the mission! and i cant believe another change is gone! we have changes every 6 weeks, and man does it go by so fast! but it looks like me and Elder Bados will be staying together in Santa Barbara again! Coast or Bust! i literally dont want to leave. if i have learned one thing on the mission so far, the more you suffer and harder you work, the funner it is! i love the coast so much, and i hope i never leave! anyways, this last week wasnt to exciting, just the usual! we are just trying to work hard with the little branch that we have got, and just trying to bring as many people to church as we can! sounds like you all got a slight taste of guatemala for a day! welcome to us everyday! after p day yesterday, we went preaching. it rained from 5:30 until about 9:30. the good news is its like you dont even have to take a shower! you are soaked from head to toe with your shoes full of water, smiling your face off becuase its the time of your life! i love the mission! and all of you! sorry i dont have much this week, like every other week, but i hope you all know how much i love and appreciate you! have a fantastic week! happy birthday!
Elder Slaymaker

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