Thursday, June 25, 2015

9 down, 15 to go.. June 16, 2015

Woah!! i literally love you all! and thanks for all you guys do!

What is the difference in giving and sharing the gospel? do we give people the gospel, or share it with them? do we show up, shove a message about Jesus Christ down there throats, bare testimony and give them a pamphlet or book of mormon? or do we take the time to listen, to the people and the spirit, and then respond in a way that can really help them? in a way that we can share the message of the joy of the gospel with them, and help them to see the difference it can make in there lives? there is a difference in giving, and sharing, which are you doing?
not a whole lot happened this last week, just the normal! loving life in santa barbara and the coast! walking home last night we were literally walking in a river down the street! water up to your mid-high ankle, soaking wet, and just yelling to everyone you can that you and Jesus love them! i love this opportunity, and the miracles i have seen and been a part of! have a great week and i love you all! and happy birthday!
Elder Slaymaker

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