Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hay Cambios... (Hey Changes)

My dear beloved Family! i love you guys! y hay cambios...
so how is everyone doing this wonderful 24th of july? hopefully all really well, really hot with sunburns and everything! i hope summer is just going amazing for all of you! so, this week we have changes...or do we? i thought for sure Elder Bados and i would have changes, we have been together for 2 changes now and i have been in this area for 3 changes, but it turns out God loves us, and is keeping us together in Santa Barbara for another change!! whoo whoo!!! more jungle, rain, heat, iguana, hot soup (its what they love here in guatemala, its 80 degrees outside with humity and they make hot chicken soup or some sort of hot something! gotta love it) and most of all blessings! the best part aboout staying in an area is that its for a reason. i know we havent found that one person or family that we are supposed to find and help. we havent yet completed our work here in Santa Barbara, and its awesome!! we will be here another 6 weeks just killing it! i love the gospel and i know it can bless every one of your lives if you let it. God lives. Jesus paid for our sins. we can find true happiness if we want. i hope you all have a lovely week and watch some fireworks for me!! love you all!
Elder Slaymaker

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