Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Conferencia!! whoo hoo!!

got conference? we do we do!! conference is this weekend!! 5 chances to listen to the  only true people called of God to direct his church in the latter days. are you going to waste it? or are you going to listen to the prophet and apostles and follow their counsel to have an eternal family? just know i love you all!  and i want you to all be happy! and the only true way is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. anyways...miracles exist! so we have this joven who brings his girlfriend to church every sunday, but she doesnt live in our area, so we told the missionaries about a month ago where she lives so they could visit her. they stilll havent visited her. so we  did! we hadnt taught her anything, and we just showed up to the members house and asked her what she wanted to know, and she said baptism. we talked for a minute, and she finally decided that she wants to get baptized this weekend!! whoo hoo!! so this was sunday, then yesterday she came so we could teach her for 15 minutes before she went to night school, and the first thing she said was...guys...the challenges have come. and me and my companion are like..oh great....what hapenned. she proceeded to tell us that before she used to have problems with drinking and what not, but has given it up recently. then on monday night she was with some friends and they all started to  drink and were giving her a ton of peer presure, but she was able to tell them no. then the next day she was working and an old friend came to visit her and started talking about all of lifes problems and what not, and finally went to the tienda to buy some drinks. she  came back with some alcohol and poured  some glasses and offered it to her. she was able to tell her no and that she doesnt do that kind of thing anymore, and her friend started calling her bad names and telling her a whole bunch of rude things, but this girl is determined to change her life. the gospel is true, but satan is as well. are you ready for the attack? are you willing to fight back? food for thought! love you all and hope you are enjoying your lives! have a wonderful week and let me know what you think of conference!

P.S.  lago amatitlan...

Elder Slaymaker

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