Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Family Home Evening...do you do it?

Friends and Family and anyone else who gets this...love you guys! dude like...today is the 22nd of september...about a year ago you guys were all recieving that first missionary email like...hey dont worry i made it to guatemala safely and everything is all fine and dandy! and now its like...well this week was great! saw some miracles and such! love you all and see ya later! funny how times change right? my english is now horribly aweful. my problem is this...i need to teach it to my companion. he is from honduras but he speaks actually really good english. i just dont like to speak english. i love spanish. then i go to write an email or whatever and half the time i am sure i sound like a 7 year old. so sorry about that. anyways...the other Golden Family! about every six months one comes around which is so awesome! we found this family three weeks ago, and they were able to enter into a covenant with God and get baptized this last sunday. we love them to death. they were a reference from some members and turned out to be a super good one! but how many of you are actually doing your family home evenings? when was the last time you planned one out? why not start this monday? the lady who got baptized told the Elder in her interview that at first she really didnt want to listen...wasnt really interested..but her husband said sure why not so they listened to a lesson. she said as time when on, and we started having family home evening with them and other members is when she really began to open her eyes and her heart and the spirit of God testify to her that this is the true church. that families can be together forever. that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. not only yours, but your whole future generation of kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids, and so forth. so think about it real deep and hard for just a minute...when did you last have family home evening? and what are you going to do to better the relationship with your family? to find more unity and love within the walls of your home? family home evening. do it. love it. and then watch the miracles pour out, because i promise they will come. we arent perfect, but we can all try a little harder. i love you all and hope you have a great week! Prep├árense por conferencia general! whoo whoo! love this time of the year! thanks for the pictures of the wildlife! keep up coming!
Elder Slaymaker

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