Tuesday, September 15, 2015

pues...12 down, 12 to go...

like...Family! How is everybody doing?! i miss you all a whole bunch! but i love guatemala! i am 100% CHAPIN!! anyways, this last week was awesome! so we are 4 missionaries in this ward, and its literally like we are in a quad companionship! we do everything together and it is so fun! we play Futbol every monday at 8 with a ton of people, and i am actually getting good!! dont worry, still a die hard baseball fan, but like i actually scored a goal yesterday! and it was a legit goal!! the ward here is so so so awesome! everyone is always like, hey when can we work with you? when can you guys bring someone over to have a family home evening? and we are like...OH MY GOSH. but its going really good!! loving the area! rains a little here and there, missing the coast stilll but, its all wonderful! we have this awesome family that is going to get baptized this week...stay tuned for pictures! every lesson with them is super spiritual and they love it! so...heres a challenge...read the Book of Mormon in 90 days?! are whole mission is doing it! we started on friday and we are just going hard at it! anyways, love the mission, love the life, God lives and Jesus died for you. experiment with the atonement, you never know what will happen! for all you hunters out there, go ahead and send some pics when you are good and ready! oh and...a year....what?? nuts. love you guys!
Elder Slaymaker...AKA Elder MisterMaker...mas facil para los guatemaltecos a decir!

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