Tuesday, September 8, 2015


in Zona Amatitlán, in Asiole 1, Elder Valerio recieves, Elder Slaymaker! whoo hoo!!! yeah...we arent in the coast anymore!!! sad but, is what it is! Amatitlán is huge. we are 28 missionaries here, in 9 wards and 1 stake. this is the number one progressing stake in all of central america. oh my gosh. but it totally shows! the members here are so good! so good! they ask us when they can leave and visit with us. super awesome! and we also have this huge mountain to climb! so far so good! i get walking, and in five minutes im like...whats hapenning...my arms arent soaked and i dont have sweat dripping from my face? but its all good! we have this family so so so ready to  get baptized here. they asked us where they could find the joseph smith history to read it, and the next day we had a family night with the bishop, who just so hapenned to give them one! gotta love how God works!  Elder Valerio is from honduras as well and has 2 months in the mission, and we are just killing is every day! looking for new baptisms and trying to figure out everything again! love you all and sounds like college football is going great! happy birthday to everyone!
Elder Slaymaker

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