Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome to Septiembre....y hay cambios...!!

First thing is first, not sure why but for some reason i cant send a mas email this week so...forward it or...tell everyone i am still alive. no se preocupan.

anyways, how is everyone doing?! rolling in football and homework? with a little bit of craziness going on as well? sounds like typical life. whoo hoo!!

so this last week we had the chance to listen to Elder Nelson! turns out he wasnt able to come to guatemala becuase next week is the voting for president and everything is slightly nuts, so he ended up going to El Salvador but we were able to watch it via satelite which was still so good! i am almost sure he is going to be the next prophet! anyways but he talked about a bunch of things that were so awesome and i dont even know where to start! we always need to repent. always. thats how we can have the spirit with us always. repentence. he talked a little bit about going to the temple and how important that is, and then just missionary work. how we can work better and more efficient, but it was awesome! then i was reading a talk that President Markham gave all the missionaries titled a Challenging and Testifying missionary and OH MY GOSH. it is going to change my mission. probably the best talk i have ever read for missionaries. brief summary...we need to be converted to the spirit, not to the the doctrine. just go ahead and think about that one for a minute. yeah it got me good. and if we dont invite people to get baptized, how can they? gotta throw out the baptismal challenge to everyone. loved it. 

tomorrow we have changes....and it looks like i will be heading to who knows where! going to train another kid! whoo hoo!! gotta love it! next week...who knows. could be in the mountains or some random place! hope its hot!! love you guys and keep the faith! happy birthday to all!
ELder Slaymaker

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