Thursday, August 27, 2015

Finishing August...

like....we are finishing august. what hapenned to the last year? saber. and everyone is back in school now? how is that going? just lovely i hope! homework and football games! how has the weather been there? because it is still hot here...but im loving it!! this past week was normal! just another week that flew by! we are trying so hard to get people to come to church, which is probably our biggest challenge right now. we will do alright one week and have some investigators, and then the next week or two we dont hardly have anyone. who knows! just looking for more people to help! so...funny story. i love evangelic people. i learn something new about our own church from them every single day. and the best part, is that they only preach about the mormons. kills me. so yesterday me and my companion get in this bus right...and walks in a pastor. he starts yelling and preaching and who knows what else ( we do the same thing) and then he finally sees us. well, me. and what do you know, he starts preaching about los santos de los ultimos dias and how we only belive in the little blue book. then when he finished that, he started preaching about the americans and how they cause all the trouble in the whole world. and how they are the cause of the problems in Guatemala. who knows!! but i love them! and i always talk to them afterwards if they dont go running. Gotta love Guatemala! take it easy everyone and know that i love you all! Happy Birthday!

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