Wednesday, August 19, 2015

11 down, 13 to go... August 18, 2015

Meet Dany, 10 years old and super calidad! 

hello everyone! once again, the weekly update has come. i dont know how you guys feel, but i literally feel like i write you guys every other day. like, time is seriously flying. i remember this time last year i was camping and fishing with some friends and now i am in Guatemala. Who knows man!! anyways how is everybody doing? so good i hope? ready for school?! another year...more knowldedge...tests...bleh. but, its all good for you! just keep going! this past week was interesting. on tuesday night i went to bed, and woke up wednesday morning sicker than a dog. i dont know what on earth hit me, but i was dead. something got me super good. guess thats the life of the coast right?! wouldnt change it for a thing! yesterday we had p day with President and Hermana Markham and she made her homemade lasagna and i literally thought i was going to explode. sooooo good. so good. and today well, back at it again. another day, another week, another month, then its christmas and who knows!! ahhh!! pretty much just know that i love you all, i thank you for all you are doing and for all you have done and remember to thank God everyday. just do it. its good for you. wish everyone happy birthday and tell them that i love them too! 
Elder Slaymaker

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