Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Santiago, Atitlan...

Family!! and friends! first off, i hopw you all enjoy the photos. Secondly, how is everybody doing!!??  superly awesome and amazing! more than anything just a bunch of pictures i have today, because we went to Santiago Atitlan again! kind of like this touristy town that is so cool, and right on the lake Atitlan!  the people there speak a dialect called sutujil, and they all use clothing of corte (cortay) which the people of guatemala make themselves.  its super cool!!! they have a ton of cool things there and all sorts of gadgets that they hand make and carve and what not! and the best part...we took lots of pictures! whoo whoo!! hope you enjoy the life of Slaymaker and Bados, the two missionaries who were together forever.  on second thought we taught the primary. yeah, two 20 year old missionaries teaching the primary.  guess thats what happens when the teacher doesnt show up! but it was good! you should all try it some day! other than that, honestly not a whole lot happened this last week! we are still working hard day in and day out watching the miracles happen! Invitation: invite a less active or non member to church this week.  then go ahead and tell me what kind of miracle God does for you.  Hope you all have a great week and keep on smiling! Happy birthday and ...well...Good Luck with school!  Love you all!
Elder Slaymaker

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  1. I have to admit, I love when he sends pictures!! He looks good...and HAPPY!