Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Starting August off the right way..!

So this last week, was kind of fun! we really have just been working our guts out trying and trying to find some new people and well...little by little God is helping us! the people here are awesome, they really are and i love them to death! but i think all i hear is...we are catholic. or evangelic. whichever. before the mission i had never even heard of the Evangelic church, but oh my gosh. there are so many. but, God is helping us little by little to find the people who are ready to hear the message of the restored Gospel. i love this work, and i love being a missionary. i know my life has changed for the better and i hope to never look back. we found out today that we will have the privilage of listening to Russel M. Nelson on the 27th of August which should be so could!!! 2 Apostles in 1 year...doesnt get better than that does it?! Loving the heat and the spanish! tortillas are my favorite! have a lovely week and know that i love you all! Happy Birthday!
Elder Slaymaker

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